The TMS Family is a set of healthcare-specialized business products and solutions designed to help healthcare facilities both large and small, improve customer service, raise employee productivity and increase asset life, all while assisting in meeting complex compliance regulations. Four Rivers has distinguished itself as the leader in the healthcare industry by continually advancing its products and services to meet the evolving needs of today’s maintenance professionals.  Based on industry standards, the TMS Family of Products provides seamless installation, unequaled database conversion capabilities, superior support, and vertical integration.

The TMS® Family of Products is the first choice for thousands of healthcare, biomed, and facilities professionals throughout the country.  The following applications are a part of the core solutions offered as a part of the TMS Family of Products: 

TMS OnSite

This flexible, Web-based CMMS application supports organizations of all sizes and budgets.  Pay only for what you need now and allow TMS OnSite to grow into a full solution across your organization.

TMS OnLine

Enjoy the same flexible CMMS features and benefits, hosted by Four Rivers.  Designed for organizations that lack the necessary IT infrastructure.


Our easy to use computer-aided-facility management application provides your organization with a space management solution that includes an integrated database, enhanced reporting, and mapping capabilities.