Quick and Easy Space Management

TMS CAFM is a user-friendly Computer-Aided Facilities Management System.  Our TMS CAFM application is designed specifically to assist your organization with managing life safety and space management tasks.  Using TMS CAFM, organizations can effectively maintain and track an accurate inventory of space including locations, room numbers, occupancy, as well as vacant space.   

Realize cost efficiencies, uncover underused facilities, and execute consolidation across your organization by sharing drawings across your Enterprise. By color-coding and using fill patterns, you can designate different spaces as different types and can easily measure square footage for compliance reporting. TMS CAFM integrates your organization's CAD drawings with TMS OnSite or TMS OnLine by linking the data directly from your drawings to the TMS database automating your processes.


CAFM Portal

TMS CAFM Portal easily identifies equipment and its location.