Optional Modules


Only pay for what you need.  TMS applications come standard with a number of modules that will assist you in your day-to-day activities.  In addition, we also offer a number of optional modules that enhance the value of your TMS application.  Select only the modules you need now and add additional modules as your needs or your organization's grow.


Active Directory.  
Our Active Directory module allows your IT department to manage TMS user access and privileges the same as they manage all your other systems. Learn More.

Track assets under both internal and external contract for full awareness of servicing under contract.  Track rates, work order history, and receive notifications of renewals. Learn More.

A centralized management tool that provides a snapshot of your data in real-time.  users can personalize their Dashboard with the help of widgets. Learn More.

Efficient assignment of incoming service requests to the appropriate resource. Learn More.  

Quick Convert.  
Our self-service tool allows users to easily import their asset and work order data into TMS OnSite. Learn More.  
Eliminate paper by immediately transmitting a work order to a technician's alphanumeric pager. Learn More    

Automate and organize your purchasing management tools such as Blanket Orders, Duplicate Material Issues, and Non-Inventoried Materials. Learn More.  

Select from several out-of-the-box components or work with Four Rivers to create a specialized component for your organization to help automate processes. Learn More.

Simplify continuous improvement by closing the service call with the electronic creation, distrbution, and analysis of surveys. Learn More.

Web Request.  
Save time and improve customer service by making it easy for your customers to enter their own service requests via a simple Web Page. Learn More.