TMS Sidekick

This state-of-the-art application gives your technicians mobility allowing them to remain productive in the field regardless of an internet connection.  Technicians can work on an iPhone, iPod, or even iPad and access a subset of their TMS data for quicker access.  TMS Sidekick has been designed as a true iOS application rather than an Enterprise-wide license application making it easy to download and use. 


With TMS Sidekick, users have the ability to create, edit, and query saved work orders, as well as assets on-the-fly ensuring the proper data is entered at the time of service or collection.  Accurate data promotes full-reporting and better analysis capabilities.

Like so many of the TMS applications, your organization has the ability to personalize TMS Sidekick to your workflow or business processes.  Select only the fields needed for use by technicians simplifying the data entry process.  Eliminate unnecessary fields and maximize your screen real-estate.  Dropdowns support data standardization for even more accurate data and reporting.





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